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A strange dream


Not sure where this came from or what it means….

A man walked into the bus just as I was starting to day dream. I’m quite sure I recognized him from somewhere and it seemed he recognized me too.

He took a seat right in front of me with his groceries spilling over almost into my lap. His smile was friendly but I wasn’t convinced. So I pushed the bags back over the seat and singled to respect my space by placing both hands in front palms facing outward toward my intruder.

He seemed amused. Perhaps he sensed my suspicion. So he stood up and then say down behind me taking something out of his pocket. He showed it to me.

"This is a 50 dollar bill, now it’s 50 Euros" he said, while playing with it in his hands. And he ripped it in half.

Then he held up my wallet, which I recognized right away and was shocked because I didn’t feel a thing. He said something that is fuzzy at this point and handed it back to me, and got off the bus.

The bus was just passing a place near where I used to live. It wasn’t a place of any particular significance, just familiar.

I got up to tell the driver what had happened and the driver turned out to be my mother my mother in law.

After inspecting my wallet, it was clear that nothing was missing. Every cent accounted for, about $100 in change minus the bus fare.

How happy I was that I wasn’t robbed.

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